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Jesus Christ is the centre of our
church and faith

We Value the individual
and the group
Your story and your situation matter to us
We ARE a
of faith


Ps Tim & Lesley Work

Lesley and I moved to the UK from Adelaide, South Australia in 2011.
We have three grown children and five grandchildren. We have been living in Redditch for the past four years after spending our first year in the UK in Devon. We love living here! 
Lesley was born in London and moved with her parents to Australia in 1964. They had a great life there and Lesley and I married in 1975. We met while we were both studying to be registered nurses and this has been a part of our life for many years.
I have worked as a minister and as a nurse for many years and this has given us a broad experience in life.

We have come to the UK to be a part of the great move of God in this country!

We are looking to see Jesus touch and change many lives in Redditch

We believe that the message of Jesus Christ is the only hope for our world.

We are committed to building a local church which reaches out in loving care to the community.

We are passionate about family, and children.

We know the power of a miracle-working God.

We are working together to build a vibrant community of faith.

LifeCentral seeks to keep the life of Jesus at the centre of everything we do.

Hans & Liza
 Sarah & Linda

Worship Leaders

Kids Central Leaders

LifeCentral Church is an Assemblies of God (AOG)
Great Britain Church

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